Anne Barbano's The Next Frontier

Title: What Happens When One Experiences a Brain Injury? A Lot.
Guest: Ann Zuccardy and Barb Winters
Recorded on: 04/12/2012


When you come across someone who blogs I WANT MY BRAIN BACK you tend to pay attention. Ann Zuccardy was a successful writer in a corporate environment when in October of 2011 she fell in a bathtub resulting in a 'mild traumatic brain injury.' Now in comes the Brain Injury Association of Vermont with one of its founding members, Barb Winters, who is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer. What happens to someone who experiences a brain injury, mild or not? And what does someone like Barb Winters do to accomodate Ann Zuccardy's injuries? What are the resources to help people like Ann? Lets find out from my guests Ann Zuccardy and Barb Winters.