Anne Barbano's The Next Frontier

Title: Restraints and Seclusion in Educational Settings
Guest: Phelippa Hurley, Susan Yuan and Erin Maguire
Recorded on: 02/10/2014


The words 'restraints and seclusion' get a lot ofattention in Vermont as well as across the country when used in educational settings. But what are they? Who uses them? Why are they used? A recent due process meeting was the impetus for this discussion with guest Phelippa Hurley, an educational consultant and advocate who filed a professional misconduct complaint with the parents of a student who was continually restrained and secluded at a Rutland City school. Susan Yuan, Ph.D., who appeared as a guest on my radio show in 2009 has made it her life’s work to advocate for positive behavioral supports. A committee member who helped author the Rules of Restraints and Seclusion for the Agency of Education in the State of Vermont, Erin Maguire also joined us. Erin is President of the Vermont Council of Special Education Administrators. This is an interesting, informative discussion that will surely give one more insight into a topic worth knowing.